How to Connect My Computer to the internet?


Once you have installed the operating system, you must configure your computer to participate in a network environment. What is the network you might ask? A network is a group of computers and other devices, such as mobile phones and network printers that are connected to each other. So all of these devices are able to share information and resources. Shared resources can be folders, printers and Internet connections.

In order to connect to the network, the device will have a network interface card (NIC). The network card is a hardware component that allows the device to connect to the network. Some network cards are integrated into the computer motherboard and some others come as an extra module.

In addition to the physical connection that allows you to connect to the network, then you must also configure the operating system to join the network. Every computer or network device needs an IP address, subnet mask and default gateway. This address identifies a computer online. Let’s say that this is the name of the computer inside the system. The subnet mask is used to identify the network the computer is connected to the default gateway identifies devices that your computer uses to access the Internet or another network. We can set the IP address manually or automatically.

Manual IP configuration

If you choose manual configuration you have to go to every single device and enter the required values ​​via the keyboard. Remember, you need to log in as the administrator for this job. IP to manually is called “static IP address” and is permanently assigned to the device.

Dynamic IP Configuration

Computers and other network capable devices can also be configured to get the IP address dynamically. This allows the device to request address from the DHCP server has a pool of IP addresses. When you close the device IP address will be available again and another computer can use it. Automatic installation is very useful because you can save time and avoid assigning the same IP address to more than one computer on the network.

Along with IP address, you must also set the computer name. This is a human friendly name that other users will use every time they want to access your computer on the network. Every person must have a unique name assigned to it. Finally, you can enter a computer description to provide more details about the location or operation of the device.