Computer Network Training


Computer network training is one of the latest side to jump into the competitive IT world. Network is a media for computers to communicate with each other by sending files, instant messages and other information. This is accomplished through a LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). Nowadays, many companies use a network of computers to run its operations smoothly. So, the computer network is a good job possible. Basically, there are two main networks, namely Microsoft and Novell.

Special degree and certificate network training programs are available through several agencies, schools and online training. Many schools conduct courses as part of their regular programs and vocation courses. Some of these schools have labs outside the classroom that students can apply in designated times. Online courses allow students to take courses their anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can purchase courses individually or bundled, are on the CD. Each regular training extends from six months to one year.

Each network courses comprising basic strategies that work plans for networking, wiring and types of software installed in computers. Typically, these basic running just a few weeks. Students learn about workstations, servers, roles and different types of networks such as client server and peer to peer.

After the basic program, the training moves gradually towards the next higher parts. In this course, students can learn about individual systems and their differences. Many schools in this phase of the two operating systems, Novell and Microsoft. Students can take one or both. What operating system course usually includes up to 3 months. But some schools focus on one system. Procedures such as putting workstation software, install server software, wiring and finally to make a simple computer case.

Students prepared for the certification exams. Examination has a number of practice tests. Most centers allow students to continue training until they have passed the test.