Use Modem wireless router to update Your Personal Computer Network


More and more people want internet at home, and in accordance with the number of computers in the home need to have Internet connectivity is increasing. But who wants to cables running around the home? Cable modem wireless router allows multiple computers in the home to connect to the Internet without mess or fuss, and without the risk of tripping over the numerous cords. These devices provide fast and reliable access to the Internet for multiple machines through a modem. Laptop users can work any room in the house, moving from room to room as they want without being limited by location Ethernet port or cable lengths.

How does it work?

Every good quality cable modem wireless router is designed with technology to transfer small packets of data from any computer in the network to any other computer connected to the same network. One computer in the network is directly connected to the Internet through a modem, and this computer acts as the host. Other computers, or in fact any device with Wi-Fi capability, you can connect to the network wirelessly access the Internet through the host computer.

transmission speeds vary between cable modem wireless router, and this affects their performance considerably. Therefore, you should select the fastest way you can. Keep in mind also, that not all routers are compatible with all operating systems, so check the operating systems that run on computers that need to access the network, and make sure there is compatibility. If all computers are PCs or all Macs, this will simplify things for you not completely compatible with both Windows and Apple operating systems. Ease of installation also varies; if you’re not an IT expert you might want to choose the way with easy installation. Most have “help” programs that simplify the steps for you. Finally, remember to prevent unauthorized access network, by setting a password for access. Not only will this help to prevent people from seeing the contents of the hard drive, it will ensure that you do not pay for the bandwidth used by unauthorized persons.

Where do I put the device?

If you live in an apartment or condo or small house, it may not matter where you install the cable modem wireless router. Signal strength drops a certain distance from the router, this distance depending on the physical barriers between the location of a route and the location of the computer trying to access the internet. Therefore, if your home is large enough for this to be a factor, which allows it to send to install the router in a central location, to ensure that all areas of your home are equally covered. If you stop just to access the Internet in certain areas of the home, put the router in the center of the regions rather than the center of the home. Test the strength of carrying a laptop around your home and watch to see if the signal drops off. If it does, move soon, or purchase an additional area to plug in the outlet and improve signal coverage.


Of course, most wireless routers are designed to access the internet easily in all parts of the home. However, they can also serve another purpose. Any computer connected to the network can make its files available to other computers on the network, which enables quick and easy file-sharing, hardware backup and archive update. One library of entertainment (such as music, film and television) can serve for all computers connected to the network. And finally, you can connect a printer, fax and scanner to your network, allowing all computers on the network to wirelessly print or fax or scan from anywhere in the house.