Basic Computer Networking


The invention of the computer undoubtedly revolutionized the world. As they evolve rapidly, new features added to make their business easier and increase performance. People take them into their homes, and the company began to use them to store and process data, as well. Soon, the need to share information between computers gave rise to more effective ways to convey information on the disks, but the need for two computers to communicate directly was still very high. So the demand for network was born.

Computers today thrive off of the connection to the World Wide Web, the Internet was born from the idea of ​​having many computers connected simultaneously, you can share data freely. This idea is still very much alive and present today, it has become easier than ever to set up and use the network to exchange information quickly and easily.

The basic form of the network is what is called as “-hoc” network, which is actually just two computers linked together to share information. This can be done with a wired connection for stability and speed, or wireless connection, where most computers these days come equipped with wireless network capabilities. Ad-hoc networks are typically used to exchange information quickly, and generally are not used for a long time, since they may not support all the features that traditional path-based network makes.

A common network seen in more cases, one of which is to run through the “center” or “hotspot.” These devices function as a nexus point of several computers, allowing computers to be aware of each other. Computers can share data between one another, such as an ad hoc network, but many more computers can be connected together in this way to form a larger network.

complex networks rely on “servers” to manage data flows between computers, and can act as a central point that all computers can access data from. These types of networks usually in larger companies where employees may be required to store and retrieve data at all times of the day, and have a sustained, reliable way to get this data. Servers also enforces the internet as most know, contains all the information people need when they want to access web sites and services.

Setting up a computer network has been simplified considerably in recent years. What used to require specialized knowledge and sometimes years of training to set up can now be automated with the use of intelligent software and hardware attached to established standards.

In order to set up a home network that allows computers to access the Internet, all people will need is a router and a modem of type (depending on the company that provides the Internet connection, usually cable or DSL, however, wireless broadband is becoming common). Many Internet service providers actually offer this hardware to rent or buy to ensure that their customers are using hardware that is compatible and interoperable.

In most cases, the average consumer will not have to look local electronics retail store them find what they need to set up a home or small business network.