Testing Computer Network Security


So you want to know how safe your computer is. You can not really tell until you perform a text assessing the weaknesses of the system and how it could be taken advantage of. Companies and private users these tests so they can narrow down their leg problems with their system and come up with possible ways to remedy whatever shortcomings observed. In a way, these so-called “Penetration Testing” generic ethical hacking which aims to get into the system to see how it can be further strengthened and beware of black hats.

Action penetration test will, of course, start with a plan objectives are defined and deadlines for achieving those goals. Here, the main problem will be discussed, as well as a separate part of the system should be tested, when and how long it will take. Basically, this is the structure of the test to be performed will be mapped out, starting with the actual pinpointing potential sources of problems and approach that will be used to solve them with penetration technology.

When all has been detailed out, the role of the ethical hacker will be defined. The person will pretend to be a hacker will now put himself in the shoes of a black hat and will try to make things as black hat would a system that he intends to attack. After this, the test will now go through the system and see the actual items hacker could potentially attack. In other words, this is where the weakness of such a system will be affected.

The last step is the testing of “hack” the system as if it was a real hacker with real targets that make hacking. For example, testing would try to dig as much information from the system as he can. By knowing how this is possible, he will be able to come up with counter measures to this intervention impossible.

After testing, the report will be submitted to the company and will detail what vulnerabilities have been discovered with the system as well as how to best remove these weak points by providing solutions. In other words, the main goal of penetration testing is to see where hackers could be well on hacking computer network and provide solutions to ensure weaknesses are fixed before a real hacker makes going for them.

Prevention is still, of course, the main thing when it comes to avoid hackers. Companies must make it a point to ensure that their employees only go clean place or, if this is not possible, web surfing, other than those directly related to the practice should be prohibited. However, as one can never totally get rid of the threat of hacking, it would be wise to install software liner such risks significantly.

An IP changing software that allows the computer to go online with its real IP address hidden, could be a very good choice. When IP is hidden, any computer can run around freely on the Internet without being targeted for hacking. Or a computer can be the target but efforts hacker will simply be in vain because such computers will not really be accessible because it is using fake IP.