Why Setup Home Computer Network?


If you have more than one computer in your house and it might be a good idea to set up a network. The benefits of having a home network are many and include:

Freedom to work anywhere – with a home network allows you to work from any place in your house, even while you are in bed. Have you ever wanted to read or work on a document on your laptop while you’re nice and comfortable in bed only to realize the last time you were working on it, it was on the desktop computer in the living room. You have to go a comfortable bed, find your storage devices such as USB thumb drive and copy the file to your laptop. With the network, this is not necessary as you can easily access files on any computer on the network anywhere

Everyone can use the Internet. – If you have children, you know how difficult it can be to keep the peace when there is only one computer that has the Internet on it. Everyone will have gone the network everyone can use the internet at the same time and there will be no more arguments about John hogging the computer

You save money -. You can save a lot of money by setting up a home network. This is because you do not have to buy the peripherals such as printers and modems for every computer in the house. All computers that are connected can share resources.