Computer Networking – Elements and Components


When studying computer network, must be considered the main factors that threaten the network. The main factors to be considered will be as follows:

1. The message: the message is a generic term that scribes data to send. It can be email, website, user call, instant message, or other form. The message is generated by the end user who needs to make the transmission. This letter will be fed to the network later.

general message to the software installed on the computer. For example, if the message is email, it will generate email programs like outlook. Also, if the message is a website request, it will be generated by browsers such as Internet Explorer. It is also possible to form a chat program, it represents a call by the user.

2. Medium: the medium is the transmission path of the data being sent. Is used to connect end users with the network device or to connect network devices to each other.

Many types are available for the media. Mostly it can be wired or wireless medium. Wired medium can be copper or fiber. Copper is divided into coaxial cables and twisted pair. Copper wires carry data as electrical pulses and fiber carry data as light pulses. Air Route the data of the electromagnetic waves. Each of the above media has its own specifications and their use according to the application.

3. Equipment: There are two main types of devices in the network, end user devices and network devices. The end user device is considered to be the source of the message. It can be the client computer or IP phone. The role of the end user device to send data to the network.

On the other hand, the network devices are combined with a medium to transmit data generated by the end user device.

The main function of the computer networking devices to send data to the proper destination based on the address which is sent along they are located between the end user devices and connected between them via cable. data. The two main tools to achieve this are routers and switches. The way forward, according to the data IP address the switch sends the data according to MAC address inside the data frame.

4. Rules: rules of professional conduct governing the end user devices that organize communication. Two popular protocols are IP protocol and the TCP protocol. When the end user needs to transmit data, it runs first conversation with other devices under the rules prepares for transmission. Each network uses its own protocols set up by the administrator of the system to control the inside of the system. Note that this component is a software component and installing of software applications


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